Game requests on Facebook are upset then adopt this trick

Many users are troubled by the game requests coming to Facebook, you too will be Many times, these game requests look good, but sometimes it gets annoyed by seeing them. So let us now tell you all the ways to stop game requests on Facebook.


Login Facebook Click on the triangle icon appearing on the right side and go to ‘Settings’ and click ‘Blocking’ appearing on the left in the open tab in front. Now a page of ‘Manage Blocking’ will open before you, with the lowest ‘Block Apps’ option available. Type the name of the game in which you want to close the request. Now clicking on the name that will appear will block the game.

If you are troubled by a game request being sent by one of your friends, then follow the steps above and go to the Manage Blocking page. Below this page will see the option of ‘Block Invites From’. Now type the name of the friend in the search bar that appears in front and clicks. After that, the friend will not be able to send you a game request.


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