PM Modi launches Bhim Digital Payment Platform, get on every successful referrals

New Delhi: PM Modi on Friday, the Bhimrao Digital Payment Platform (BHIM Digital Payment Platform) on the occasion of Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar Jayanti Announced To facilitate digital payments and to promote cashless economy, the Bhima-based platform and Bhima App cash refund (cash back) and ‘Referral Bonus’ scheme were to be started on this occasion. PM said on this occasion that this would be a step towards the ‘cashless’ economy and would get rid of black money.


What is the significance of Bhima and the base, and specific things related to this special feature …

1-PM Modi said on this occasion that people’s mobile phones will now become an ATM. A person who successfully connects another with Bhima App will get 10 rupees. This is the referral bonus scheme, in which a Bhima app user can connect to another smartphone user with this facility and earn a fixed amount.

2-According to the news agency ANI, the PM said that if you connect someone with Bhim App and if the person does three transactions, then you get 10 rupees. This scheme will continue till October 14.

3-PM Modi said on this occasion that more work will be done in this next two weeks. Jitesh Bhim App will emerge as a powerful force.

4-According to the National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI), it has been developed in such a way that you will be able to withdraw money by verifying your fingerprints.

5-PM said that the Bhim-based app is unique in its kind in the world. Even in most of the world’s most advanced countries, there is no such mechanism. This will prove to be a completely game changer.

6-PM said that every country would want to adopt the system. We are the leaders in this matter and will prove to be a nazir for other countries.

7-In fact this will enable the payment of thumb impression on biometric devices of every citizen of the country, such as using their biometric identity (data). This device can also be a smartphone reading biometric information.

8-NPCI MD and CEO AP Hane said that on the date of today, more than 30 bank accounts have been added from Bhima and soon more banks will be connected to it.

9-According to NPCI, 27 big banks have already joined it with three lakh traders. Therefore, they can start accepting payments using Bhima basis.


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