The tradition of the holiday will be over at the birth anniversary of the great men in UP

Lucknow: The Yogi government will end the legacy of the great men in UP – the tradition of the holiday that will be received on the death anniversary. CM Yogi indicated this on Ambedkar Jayanti. CM said that the holiday which will be discontinued in the name of the great men will be closed now. He further said we know that some people may object. But this is necessary.


The CM further said the tradition of the holiday has started in the name of every great man. When they ask the children in the village, they do not know why the school is closed. He says today is a Sunday. When they are told that there is no other day on the second day, then they say that because of the holiday, we felt that today is sunk. If you will not tell the children about the great men, then how will they be aware of their ideals? That’s why we said that the tradition of vacation should be closed.

CM said that on such occasions schools will open and there will be a special session for one to two hours. In which the children will be given information about respective great men. He said that 220 days of academic session in UP schools has reached 120 due to vacations. If such a holiday tradition continues, one day it will come that school day will not be left.

CM said that in the state the children of Dalit community will be provided special scholarship and hostel arrangements from primary to high, technical and medical education. Landless people will also be given housing and lease of land in the village. CM also spoke about changing uniform in primary school.


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